Quantum Advancement  $125    $95 Follow Up


Quantum Advancement Sessions are a co-creative experience of connection in the quantum field! Kathleen’s unique ability to align with vast multidimensional libraries provides a pathway for you to connect to your Divine Self. Your soul signature is accessed to create energy downloads and information providing practical guidance for your everyday life. The transmission will come through shared communication, direct energy sensations in the body and a radical shift in consciousness. You will receive a recording of your experience. Sessions by phone or Skype. Find out why people all over the world are connecting with Kathleen!

Elevation Counseling $125    Follow Up $95

You are a precious and unique being. Kathleen’s loving and no-nonsense guidance supports the vision of your life coming into physical form. With over 20 years of experience with individual and family counseling, business development and group facilitation, she will assist you in shifting your perspective to allow your gifts and creativity to come forth. Kathleen’s counseling sessions bring true balance to your life.

Business Consulting $125

Your business is key to the flow of your life. That is why it’s important to have a clear vision, a focus for the future and the right people to make your livelihood LIVE. Kathleen’s unique abilities support you in all aspects of your business, from HR concerns to a very profitable bottom line. Save time, save money, save your life for living and make your work feel like play. Contact us for more details and references.


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continued commitment to your infinite Presence!

Bowen Therapy  $75

Bowen Therapy provides gentle stimulation to allow the body to heal itself. It is a whole body healing system that creates deep relaxation and rapid changes in many health conditions. The Bowen Technique has been hailed as “the most exciting healing modality in the world today.” You MUST experience this breakthrough in wellness! SESSIONS AVAILABLE TUES & SAT IN THE OFFICE, other days by appt.

Magical Massage $85

Bring some magic back into your life! Kathleen’s massages are out of this world and will take you to a state of deep stillness in the body. With training and experience in many modalities, she will customize your session to provide a very special and blissful escape from everyday life. SESSIONS AVAILABLE TUES & SAT in the office, other days by appt.

Miracle Massage  $125

Are you ready for a miracle? Kathleen’s skilled and loving hands combined with her ability to access the Quantum field will provide a massage experience that will change your life! Give yourself the gift of 90 minutes with her and watch the miracles come forth. SESSIONS AVAILABLE TUES & SAT in the office, other days by appt.

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